limited edition no. 10

good life edition 250 ml

limited edition no. 10, December 2017

You don‘t always need an excuse to give things up, to do things differently or to finally get around to doing something. You should just do it. So we‘re doing it and bringing out our limited
edition no. 10. #goodlife

f***ing good life

At the start of every fresh year you make a New Year‘s resolution to finally become a “better person“, only to realise at the end of the year that you haven‘t stuck to any of your resolutions. We don‘t think that‘s the end of the world: the main thing is for you to lead a damned good life. With or without New Year‘s resolutions. #goodlife

Brother from another mother

For the first time in the history of true fruits and for all those who are still looking for meaningful and meaningless resolutions for 2018, parallel to this limited edition we are also bringing out an online limited edition of 1,500 items. You can only find the 750 ml bottle containing 38 resolutions in our online shop. #goodlife

What‘s in it?

Our limited no. 10 with the purple smoothie contains a variety from the golden hour: The berry mixture is one of our most venerable smoothies. 

F**k plastic!

Are you disappointed that our topping is in a plastic lid? So are we. Here you find more information.