A bunch of bottles.

Inga, Marco & Nic launched the company in 2006 and in the first year the turnover was 40,000 Euro - and entirely without a marketing budget. Seven years laters, with a staff of 19, but still without a big marketing budget, we increased our turnover to 7.6 million Euro. 2015 was even better: in part thanks to the introduction of our first green smoothies, we tripled our turnover from 11.5 million Euro in 2014 to 29.5 million Euro (2015) to 40 million in 2016. All with a small marketing budget and a staff of 23. Yeah.


true fruist bestseller

Our top selling true fruits smoothies in 2015 were purple, pink and yellow, each with a turnover of more than 5 million Euro. However, our bestseller list wasn’t led by our "all time favourite", the purple smoothie, but the mix of kale, matcha, ginger, apple, banana and pear- our green smoothie no. 1. It is Germany’s top selling smoothie.



true fruits fails

Not everything we touch and launch turns to gold. For example, our crisps, freeze-dried fruit chips. And our juices. Both products didn’t sell as well as we’d hoped. That’s a shame. But hey, you learn from your mistakes and use the experience in your next product.




Smoothie market development



Since the introduction of smoothies to Germany in 2006, the liquid fruit sector has developed considerably.  After an initial boom and a high growth rate, there was a slowing down of growth in the smoothie market (like many other branches). The total market turnover fell in 2009 by nearly 30%. This was caused by the general economic situation, as well as market-specific factors.

Since true fruits introduced smoothies, many others have brought out similar smoothie concepts, so in  2009 the expected market shakeout took place. The market has stabilised again since 2009. The year of the global economic crisis was nevertheless a good year for us: we became „the smoothie“ in Germany. Since 2015 we’ve been able to call ourselves market leaders in the ‘cooled fruit’ sector. 

International ingredients

We find monotonous industrial goods tedious. That’s why our smoothies and our chia juice contain many exotic ingredients that you can’t just find in the supermarket. The overview shows you how much we use.



Our smoothies and our chia juice are a real „melting pot“, because our ingredients come from all over the world. But not everything travels as far as our kesar mangoes from India or cupuaçu from South America. Our apples come from various orchards in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). But since so many of our fruits come from far away, we make sure that they are pureed or pulped on location after picking, rather than being picked unripe and gas-treated in overseas containers. By letting our fruits ripen fully on the tree or bush, they of course taste much, much better.